Are Inflatable Kayaks Any Good?

Are inflatable kayaks any good? Yes, they are. Inflatable kayaks are lightweight, low cost alternatives to hard shell kayaks. They’re easy to store and transport- something not all hard shells can claim. What’s more– their less rigid construction makes them easier for beginners to use. Finally, because of the lower weight they can be used in water with shallower depths than is possible with a hard shell boat.

Inflatables are a great way to get out on the water without having to invest in a boat or kayak. Inflatable boats were first designed for military use, but now they can be used as part of your home’s backyard pool toy collection! This blog post will review the best inflatable kayaks available and help you decide if an inflatable is right for you.

I will be discussing whether inflatable kayaks are a good option for people. I have been looking into this because I am considering buying one for myself to use on the river. I’ll make it clear from the start that by no means do I think they are, but there is still some information worth knowing about them. There are various reasons as to why someone may want an inflatable boat and these could range from cost, weight or convenience of storage. What’s more is that they come with their own set of drawbacks which we can go through in detail later on.

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